As part of the Kotobuki Group, Ferco Seating have been installing world-class seats for over thirty years. Our intelligently designed and flexible lecture theatre collection is specifically designed to maximise learning opportunities and support the student experience. Tough and durable, Ferco seating will withstand the demands of modern education environments whilst meeting university goals including additional revenue generation, budget and durability.

At Ferco we’re constantly innovating to match new developments in technology and teaching styles. Our Turn & Learn™ lecture seats enable group work, whilst the innovative A3 Wrimatic™ writing tablet remains the most robust and beautifully engineered tablet on the market;

Recently, our Collaborative Wave seating has launched with the goal of encouraging student engagement and communication within the classroom. The innovative Wave design allows lecturers complete versatility with their teaching methods while supporting the group learning dynamic vital to maximising student’s academic experience.

Ferco – Education Seating Made Better

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