Clare Newton

Architect and Doctor of Education
The University of Melbourne

2:00 PM Workshop C: Developing Spaces for Learning based on Learning Conversations

This workshop emphasises how educators and designers can productively contribute to conceptualizing future learning spaces. Rather than starting from the classroom, the workshop shifts back to first principles acknowledging the expertise of educators. During this workshop the concept of the classroom will be challenged.
Key Learning outcomes:
•           Co-design strategies involving education and design expertise
•           Getting buy in from staff
•           Better appreciation of the role of furniture
•           The importance of education leadership in driving change

9:10 AM PANEL: Taking Learning Experiences to the Next Level with Smart Campuses

·         Promoting connectivity, interaction and collaboration amongst students, staff and community
·         Optimsing a mix of old and new learning spaces for autonomous and personalised learning
·         How are educational institutions changing and utilising “everywhere” as the medium for learning?