Bridging Pedagogy, Spaces & Technology to Enhance Learning Environments

To attract and retain modern students, as well as improve engagement and drive better results, the classroom and campus of the future must utilize the physical space effectively, whilst leveraging tech-driven innovations that support the innovative environment and pedagogy.

Drawing upon four years of innovative discourse around the future of learning, 5th Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces will once again gather educators from K-12 schools and higher education institutions to explore the innovative ways to redesign and revamp the learning spaces for student success.

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2018 Keynote Speakers Include:

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Understanding the learning behaviours of next generation and how to improvise learning spaces


Building smart learning spaces to improve students’ engagement and creativity


Aligning pedagogy and technology with the spaces effectively


Applying spaces design, furniture, lighting and technologies innovatively to enrich learning experiences


Evaluating the impact of new designed spaces on students’ performance and engagement

Why Attend?


Hear best-in-class practices from the leading educational institutions on designing and redesigning the learning spaces.


Breakout sessions for case study spotlight that focus on K-12 schools and higher education institutions respectively.


Discover the best practices to link the pedagogy, space and technology successfully.


Learn the ins and outs of leveraging technologies to improve future learning spaces to enrich learning experiences.


Find the right approach to mentor educators to adapt for new technologies and pedagogy.


Set the right behaviors and mindsets from teacher-centered to student-centered learning spaces.


Engaging with industry experts to revamp and optimize the learning spaces to boost learning experiences and engagement.

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